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Aleksandra P.
Aleksandra P.

Au-pair — Schweiz

21 Jahre
Sprache: Deutsch, Polnisch, Englisch

Details zu Aleksandra

My name is Aleksandra and I am a young, ambitious 19 year-old girl, who is looking forward to combine my passion with profession. I love to spend time with children out of two reasons. First, i like to share my knowledge with the children, to enrich their learning process. Second, i just feel comfortable around children, and so do they. For the past nine years i sometimes looked after and took care of my three cousins. This time gave me significant experience which i will be looking forward to use in new family homes. As a side note: I chose german as one of my languages. I have learned german in school, and now I am on the language course( German) which helps me to improved my language skills.
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