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Bianca G.

Au-pair — Vereinigtes Königreich

Vereinigtes Königreich
29 Jahre
Sprache: Englisch

Details zu Bianca

I am a hardworking, resilient, respectful and pro-active individual whom relishes flexibility and versatility. Evidently able to adapt to the environment and new challenges I encounter, fulfilling the excitement of new experiences and actively creating within, is an environment I will thrive within.
Enjoying autonomous work using my initiative and mindful, quick-thinking to overcome challenges and sustain sufficient solutions.
Open effective communication as an altruistic being, enables myself to help others by listening attentively and understanding the needs of others by using interpersonal skills ensuring the development of healthy relationships.
Being self-motivated, well presented and balanced, I create a safe and calming atmosphere ensuring fruitful research and informative content relating to client's needs by using my creative flair and ocean depth imagination ensuring ideas to flow effortlessly.
Having an amazing and encouraging track record of client's/young people and children exceeding their targets and developing at a rapid rate, speaking, writing, personal independence and social achievements.
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