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Daniella L.
Daniella L.

Au-pair — Dänemark

20 Jahre
Sprache: Deutsch, Dänisch, Englisch

Details zu Daniella

My name is Daniella and I am 20 years old. I come from Herning and I have lived here all my life with my big family. On daily basis I go to Herningsholm Erhvervsgymnasie (academy) and here I am finishing 3.G. I am therefore done with school in June and after that I want to go traveling and work with kids. Next to my school I have a permanent job, and two horses to look after every day. And therefore, I have a great understanding of what responsibility means and entails. However, I have a plan selling both horses while I am traveling and working as an au pair. I LOVE children and I have always loved them and dreamed about working with them.

Good to know:

- I am conscientious
Outgoing and independent
-I love to clean
-I am punctual
- I LOVE kids and having fun with them
- I love to go for long walks – especially with a stroller
- Responsible

Does this sound like something to you, please contact me. If you have any questions, feel free to ask - all questions are welcome. I hope to hear from you!

Best regards Daniella
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