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Georgina O.
Georgina O.

Au-pair — Australien

22 Jahre
Sprache: Englisch

Details zu Georgina

I’ve lived in Brisbane for the past 9 months and love it.
Over the years I have au paired for several families both here in Australia and back home in the UK.
I au paired for a family here in Australia for a total of 10 months this role included looking after their 3 girls from the ages of 7 - 12, I was live in nanny.
My tasks included - the house was clean weekly, did the food shop once a week, most nights I would meal prep foods ready for dinner then a couple evenings a week I would cook for the whole family. Making sure the girls were up and ready for school in the mornings with packed lunch boxes, dropped them off at there after school activities such as swimming lessons, dance lessons and extra after school tutoring.
Back in March 2020 due to covid I home schooled the 3 girls for a total of 10 weeks has been a huge strength for me.
Back home in the UK I looked after two boys ages 10 & 12 for 3 evenings a week for a total of 2 years helping them with their homework, house chores, sorting there things out for the next school day and making sure they got ready for bed.
References upon request.
Please don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have more questions!
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