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Ikram Y.
Ikram Y.

Au-pair — Frankreich

25 Jahre
Sprache: Französisch, Englisch, Arabisch

Details zu Ikram

I am a twenty three year old French student. I am looking for an "au Pair" because I would like to acquire more experience abroad.
I am a college student and I'm very interested in taking care of your children. I would love to go to an English speaking countries because one of my dreams is to live there. I am studying foreign languages and I have a bachelor's degree in english and I love what I am studying.
I am experienced with children as I looked after my half brothers and sisters from 1 month old to 14 years old, last summer I looked after undisciplined 2 children on week days and 3 children on week ends but I armed myself with a lot of patience and I realised that they were just looking for some love and care and fun that is what I tried to do and now she (4 years old) and her brother (2 years old) are quite calm the change is remarkable. I, now, know how to handle the children, having fun with them while being patient, caring and loving. I really enjoy myself looking after them and play with them.
That is why I'd rather keep the child busy with activities than letting them being entertained by the social media or television etc... It is better for the child's creativity.

I would love to be considered
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