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Der durchschnittliche Stundenlohn für Babysitting liegt in Mülheim zwischen €11 und €14.
Nicaise T.
  • Ab 9 /h
  • Mülheim
Ich bin Nicaise und ich komme aus Kamerun. Ich bin 26 j.a.
| So long as I can remember I have always taken care of kids. From my younger brothers (I have 3) to little cousins, my parents' friends' children and later on as we grew up, my sisters' children. I love children very much and I have alsways wanted to be a mother. So once I got married, I did not waste time having my own. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Anyway I'm you are more interested about my babysitting abilities. Well depending on the situation (every child is different and so are every mothers' wishes for her little one), I take care of required tasks. For example, I cook for them, feed them, bathe them, play with them when they want, entertain them, discuss with and listen to them when they need it, calm them down (wipe their tears after tantrums or justified crying as the case may be). However, I am NOT a "yes man". Children need limits and they need to be told when they are wrong or why they are being denied. So, I know how to say "NO" and those of you out there who are parents will agree with me that saying "no" to our little angels can be very difficult. So you can rest assured assured that with me your instructions will be obeyed. For example: No more ice cream, no TV, in bed by 7:30... You get it. I may also, if the need arises, help them with their English and French homework. Dear parents, I am meticulous, serious and very careful. Being a mother myself, I understand perfectly what it is to take care of a child an rest assured that I will always do my best. Choosing me is putting your little ones in good hands.
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