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Maximiliano G.
Maximiliano G.

Haus & Garten — 04177 Leipzig Lindenau

04177 Leipzig Lindenau
26 Jahre
5 Jahre Erfahrung
Ab 14 /h

Details zu Maximiliano

good afternoon. I am Maximiliano, I am from Chile and I am 26 years old. I am a mechanical engineer, I am in Germany looking to learn the language and to be able to learn from the German culture, which is one of the best in the world, I came here to learn about renewable energy because here they are pioneers in this and in my country we have a course as important as radiation and we do not occupy it in a good way, I am in good physical condition and I like to work hard.
In Chile I volunteered for 6 years with young children and older adults and after finishing my university career I took classes on recycling and renewable energy, mathematics and physics, free to the farthest and poorest towns in the city.


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