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Pious A.

Haus & Garten — 37213 Witzenhausen, Hessen

37213 Witzenhausen, Hessen
28 Jahre
2 Jahre Erfahrung
Ab 14 /h

Details zu Pious

I am a master student of the University of Kassel. I study International Food Business and Consumer Studies. I have worked in restaurants, galleries and factories. I am highly motivated and ready to work with what my employer provides. I am eager to hear from challenging jobs as I like to test myself and expand my knowledge and experience. I am also very interested in working in a group. It is my intention to also take one time jobs with people who do not have a long term contract to offer. I am also able to work on weekends or night shifts. I can assist also with technological issues. I believe in sustainability and so I work to achieve it in all areas I find myself. I am flexible enough to work work with the time that my employer is comfortable. It is also okay if I work once or twice a week.


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