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Raula Roxana B.
Raula Roxana B.

Haus & Garten — 46485 Wesel

46485 Wesel
41 Jahre
2 Jahre Erfahrung
Ab 13 /h

Details zu Raula Roxana

My name is Raula Roxana and I'm from Romania.
I am a responsible, thoughtful, creative and very collaborative person. I learn easily, I am organizated, tidy and methodical in the activities I do.
I have cleaning experience, since I worked in a similar platform during ####-#### in Turkey. I had 5/5 Stars in my profile and happy customers.
Since August 2019 until Mai 2020 I worked as a Househelper for a family in Hamburg.
Now I’m living in Wesel 46485 with my boyfriend. If you want to spend more time with your family, don’t hesitate to contact me for your household cleaning.


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