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Daphne S.
Daphne S.

Kinderbetreuung — 80335 München Maxvorstadt

80335 München Maxvorstadt
25 Jahre
10+ Jahre Erfahrung
Ab 15 /h

Details zu Daphne

Hallo, ich bin Daphne :)
I will continue writing in English, since it is easier for me;)

I think the most important thing to know about me is the reason that i babysit. And that's pretty simple: the moment you put a baby in my arms I get the biggest smile on my face and people say i light up!!
Eventhough i am just 22, Ive been taking care of children for more than 12 years.

Over time i've come to specialise in Newborns and a range of up to 2yrs.

Nearly everything i know i've been taught by my amazing Mom, who is an Infant Development Consultant specialising in 0-3 yrs.

I've worked in different environments, from family/ friends to volunteering in a center for the care and adoption of children, which i consider to have been one of my biggest learning grounds!

-CPR Certified
-I practice the 5s' method of soothing a crying newborn
-Extensive knowledge of the developmental stages of 0-2 y and of the appropriate activities for aiding development at each stage
-Bilingual in English and Greek, B2 level in German
-3 nationalities

For more information on my experience and skills i would be happy to send you my CV or have a call. Thanks for reading!

Best Regards Moms and Dads,


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