Our teams

The areas of work in the Care.com Europe GmbH are diverse. Get to know our departments:


People & Culture:

Cornelia Vogt - Leiterin People & Culture
Cornelia Vogt – People & Culture Team Lead

Around 100 employees make up Care.com Europe GmbH - and they are instrumental for our success. In the human resources department, we concern ourselves with both existing and potential employees. This means, we take care of our current staff members while also looking for new employees for our company. As well as holding interviews with potential employees, we always try to remain in discussion with our staff members to create a positive and open working atmosphere.



Torge Maaßen - Leiter Finance and Controlling
Torge Maaßen – Finance and Controlling Director

The finance and controlling department is the centre of all payments. Whether it’s marketing campaigns, customer payments, or expense reports of our employees – everything will be checked and booked here. Our division is a closely knit team in which everybody can count on each other.


PR & Communications:

Dirk Kasten - Leiter PR
Dirk Kasten – PR Director

Our team takes care of Care.com Europe’s corporate communication. In addition to classic press work – information and public relations of important media representatives - we also inform our members on a daily basis about current themes in the world of childcare, animal care, work & family and the home via our magazine section. Furthermore, we take care of cooperation with other companies and are in constant, direct contact with our community over social media.


Acquisition Marketing:

Lauren Tharaud - Leiterin Acquisition Marketing
Lauren Tornow – Acquisition Marketing Director

Our acquisition marketing area tries to win over new users for our platform through strategic measures and ideas. Effectively, this means that we work on the conception, the planning, the realisation and the controlling of online and offline marketing actions. Additionally, we consider new services to offer our customers, to be supportive of their everyday life.


Conversion Marketing & Product Management:

Paul Hermann - Leiter Conversion Marketing & Product Management Director
Paul Hermann – Conversion Marketing & Product Management Director

In the conversion marketing field we concentrate mainly on the optimisation of our products. We analyse the behaviour of our customers and attempt to make our service even more easy and customer friendly. Our team is situated internationally and deals with 12 country-specific platforms which provide our service in large parts of Europe and Canada in seven diverse languages. We are additionally responsible for communication with our customers and are steadily seeking new partners, whose help can make our range even better and more diversified.


In the Product Management, as the name suggests, we care for our product. Our products are our platforms. We therefore constantly try to control our platforms and to ensure their functionality. Furthermore, we implement new features and improve the functionality of several sites. Through a clear interface we want to enable our customers to make the compatibility of job and family as simple as possible.


Operations (Customer Service & Work Place Solutions - Placement):

Roxana Ludwig - Leiterin Operations
Roxana Ludwig – Operations Director

In the operations department we take care of our customers: we answer open questions and suggestions and also respond to criticism. Additionally, we help business customers in emergencies to find a service that matches their requirements and wishes. Our aim is to answer all of our customers’ requests, thereby obtaining excellent customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we list all customer suggestions and bring them to other departments for discussion, so solutions can be found.


Work Place Solutions - Sales:

In the sales department we work directly with other companies, meaning that we also provide other employers with our platform’s services. Through this, employees´ daily lives should be improved and, from the employers’ perspective, staff loyalty towards the company should be strengthened. Through our company service we directly improve the work life balance of employees (in Germany).


CWC - Care with Care:

Laura Esnaola - CEO and Teamlead CWC
Laura Esnaola - CEO and Teamlead CWC

Care With Care is a project which provides Germany with carers and au pairs from the Philippines. The carers work in hospitals and care institutions, helping to decrease Germany’s skill shortage in the care domain. We help employers in Germany find suitable candidates from the Philippines and we support the nursing staff in the recognition of their qualifications and in the application for their work and residence permits. We also take care of their on-site integration and are in constant discussion with the employers and the Philippine carers. Our international team consists of employees from Germany and the Philippines and can therefore very effectively serve our customers.


IT/QA & Helpdesk:

Our QA department is responsible for quality assurance. This means that certain areas of the page are tested for their functionality or for example the design or layout is checked for accuracy. Our IT team in turn spends time on the controlling and if necessary also on the improvement of our platform. Both divisions of our department are in constant contact to ensure a trouble-free use of our platform through the users. Our helpdesk team is a coordinated team and cares about the ability of all employees to work. They solve every computer problem, whether software, hardware or network.

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