Christian’s Experience as a Permanent Employee (Finance/Controlling)


Christian H 300x252
What exactly do you do at
I’m an accountant and spend most of my time working on the monthly financial statements, preparing answers to the auditor´s questions about the annual accounts and working on improving the process and its implementation.

What lead you to apply here?
I first heard of through a temporary employment agency, which then acted as a liaison between us both. A short time later, they took me on - firstly due to my accomplishments and also because the chemistry just felt right.

What do you make of the working atmosphere at
Not only the flat hierarchies, but also the direct, personal relationships contribute to the easy-going atmosphere. This makes working that much nicer. The open communication means that we can find solutions constructively, most of the time even before a problem has time to arise. We are constantly moving, and flexible enough to more than keep up with the demands. In the closing weeks it’s naturally more stressful than normal. But the other weeks compensate for this.

What do you get up to while you’re not working at
I do sport, meet up with friends and party - pretty much a student life :) We also have regular company events and functions, where we can all get to know each other better.

WWhat advice would you give other applicants hoping to start at
Be yourself; this is the only way to stand out. Don’t be falsely shy or modest. You don’t want to start here because you know the company inside out, but because you have expertise/knowledge which you want to put into practice. So, show what you can do.

What future prospects do you see for yourself at
I want to continue working here, expanding my expertise.


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