Anders‘ Experience as a Trainee (Online Marketing)


What exactly do you do at
I am a trainee for the online marketing department where I work as the country manager for the Danish platform. My job is to continually build upon our activity in the Danish market; sometimes I am also responsible for the other European markets. In addition to this, I support our analyst team in analysing the European markets.

What lead you to apply here? is an international company in the e-commerce industry with employees from all over the world. This fascinated me. I also wanted to gather some experience abroad and to learn to speak German fluently – what better way to do this than to move to Berlin?

What do you make of the working atmosphere at
The working atmosphere at is great. There are a lot of talented people here who you can learn from, and at the same time, everything is so relaxed and easy-going. I never wake up in a bad mood because of the prospect of going to work – in fact, it’s the exact opposite. Here, there are many opportunities to build friendships and to have fun with colleagues outside of work.

What do you get up to while you’re not working at
Outside of, I like to hang out with friends and enjoy Berlin. Now and again I play football with my friends in one of the many different parks in the city. In the evening we like going out for dinner, to have a few beers or go to the cinema. The opportunities are limitless. It’s pretty difficult to be bored in Berlin!

What advice would you give other applicants hoping to start at
If you bring passion and want to further develop yourself - both professionally and personally - then you are doing the right thing by applying. The more effort you put in, the more it will be worth it in the end.

What future prospects do you see for yourself at
After my traineeship, I’d like to continue working at in a permanent position and to pursue my development here.


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