Katharina’s Experience as a Student Employee (Human Resources)


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What exactly do you do at Betreut.de?
I’m employed in the human resources department and support the recruiting team. In detail, I am responsible for managing application emails, keeping our vacancies up to date and taking on other small jobs within HR, such as translating vacancy adverts. In addition, now and then there are other small projects for me to take on.

What lead you to apply here?
I didn’t apply directly, but was recommended by the HR manager at my previous job. Therefore, it was Betreut.de that took the initiative.

What do you make of the working atmosphere at Betreut.de?
Even at my first interview I was able to see the great working atmosphere that Care.com has to offer. Colleagues are on first-name-terms with each other and have a friendly and familial relationship, using the informal ‘Du’ instead of ‘Sie’. I can therefore see my two superiors on a level. People often laugh, which I find absolutely essential. I really like going to work.

What do you get up to while you’re not working at Betreut.de?
I often spend my free time with friends at movie nights or out clubbing. I also like to invite friends round for dinner because I’m a really keen cook!

What advice would you give other applicants hoping to start at Betreut.de?
When it comes to the interview, make sure you are well informed about Betreut.de. Remember that you’re not only scored for your knowledge, but also your personality. Absolutely be yourself. Only through an honest meeting can you –as well as Betreut.de - know if you’re the right fit. You don’t need to be scared: it was that relaxed that I even had fun at my job interview.

What future prospects do you see for yourself at Betreut.de?
I would be delighted if my work with Betreut.de continued after my employment as a student employee. I could imagine myself working as a trainee in an area I haven’t yet experienced – online marketing – where I can gain practical experience. However other branches would interest me too.


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